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UK £10.99
US $14.99
64 pages
34 line drawings, 32 colour illustrations, 1 map
28 x 22 cm (11.25 x 8.75 in)
ISBN: 978-1-8589-4704-4
Published in the UK March 2022
Published in the US April 2022
The Coloring Book of Pueblo Pottery

Introduction by Brian Vallo

Line drawings by Paula Kinsel

Pueblo pottery is renowned for its extraordinary beauty and craftsmanship. Pueblo is a Spanish wording meaning ‘town’ or ‘village’. When the Spanish arrived in 1540 in what is now known as the American Southwest, they referred to the Indigenous communities and their settlements as Pueblos, and in the settlements they established missions named after Catholic saints. Those Spanish names have mostly been retained, but they do not reflect the history and cultures of the tribal communities; the Pueblos are among the oldest settlements in North America, and their pottery-making tradition is as old as the ancient Pueblos themselves. Pottery is used throughout the life of a Pueblo person, and various forms are made for cooking, gathering water, food storage and ceremonial use. The Coloring Book of Pueblo Pottery features more than 30 drawings for you to complete, whether by reproducing the traditional palettes or by finding inspiration in the swirling or geometric patterns and stylized motifs for a unique design of your own. Made predominantly by women, the pots are created from natural clay using a coil method; they are hand-painted and then fired outdoors. Designs vary from one Pueblo to another, but symbols and motifs relating to the natural world – birds, deer, plants and water – are common. Today, such pottery is highly collectible and is found in museums and private collections around the world. This delightful colouring book allows you to create your very own masterpieces of this celebrated and cherished art form! 


A new colouring book showcasing the beautiful painted designs of Pueblo pottery

With over 30 drawings to bring to life in colour, either by using the traditional palettes, patterns and motifs of the pottery or by giving free rein to your own creativity

Features an introduction by Brian Vallo of the Pueblo of Acoma

Published to coincide with a major travelling exhibition of Pueblo pottery, opening in summer 2022 in Santa Fe

Published in association with the Vilcek Foundation, New York

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Author Profiles

Brian Vallo is the Cultural Advisor, Pueblo of Acoma. He works with museums across the United States, promoting Native American arts and culture, and providing guidance on exhibition development and collections stewardship.

Paula Kinsel is an artist, graphic designer and art director whose projects include still and motion graphics for film, television and independent art productions. 

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