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UK £40.00
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200 pages
50 illustrations
24.5 x 18 cm (9.75 x 7.25 in)
ISBN: 978-1-8589-4710-5
Published in the UK September 2023
Published in the US October 2023
London of the Future

The London Society

Foreword by Leanne Tritton

Introduction by Peter Murray

What will London be like in a hundred years’ time? A century ago, having asked this question, the London Society published London of the Future, a bold, visionary work that predicted city-centre airports and Channel tunnels, and addressed such prescient concerns as pollution, housing and access to public space. This brand-new version of the book sets out how the city could and should improve by 2123. Over the course of eighteen essays, experts in various fields – engineering, urbanism, architecture, manufacturing, futurology, journalism and more – predict and prescribe how the metropolis might be governed, organized and designed in the years to come. Some of the issues of the original book remain potent today, but there are many new considerations that the 20th-century authors could not have foreseen. Will the city become a Venice-like heritage park for tourists, or be an independent state? Could local food production feed the capital? How will we need to adapt to climate change? Will we become a techno-utopia, with Londoners’ lives in perfect harmony with artificial intelligence? How do we achieve a London that is fair and equitable for everyone? Now London of the Future presents an entirely new and up-to date collection of ideas for the 21st century and beyond. It will provoke debate among architects, developers and planners, and also provide food for thought more generally, in a world where change will be required of everyone.


Presents a range of fascinating ideas about the future of London

Features contributions from a wide variety of writers, among them architects, engineers, urbanists, journalists and campaigners

A thought-provoking book for anyone interested in the development of cities

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The London Society is a forum for debate on the future of London. Established in 1912, it organizes debates and lectures, arranges events and visits to a variety of buildings and institutions, and sponsors the All-Party Parliamentary Group for London’s Planning and Built Environment.

Leanne Tritton is chair of the London Society and the founder and managing director of ING Media, a communications agency focusing on contemporary architecture, design and the built environment.

Peter Murray is co-founder of New London Architecture, and an architect and architectural commentator.

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