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UK £10.99
US $14.99
64 pages
42 line drawings, 41 colour illustrations
28 x 22 cm (11.25 x 8.75 in)
ISBN: 978-1-8589-4715-0
Published in the UK April 2024
Published in the US May 2024
The Coloring Book of Armor

Introduction by Pierre Terjanian

Line drawings by Paula Kinsel

The Coloring Book of Armor showcases a remarkable selection of armour in the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, giving artists of all ages the opportunity to explore a wide range of designs from a variety of countries. Armour was initially developed for the practical purpose of protecting the wearer from injury, but it also fulfilled other functions. When decorated with magical or religious symbols and texts, it could invoke the powerful assistance of outside forces, including gods. When featuring the emblems of a community or leader, it fostered a sense of belonging. When made of or decorated with precious materials, it denoted rank and resources. Here there are more than 40 line drawings for colouring, including a dragon-shaped shaffron (horse’s head armour) used in tournaments by the future Henry II of France; the highly decorative suit of armour worn by George Clifford, a favourite of Elizabeth I of England; a 17th-century Japanese helmet in the shape of a crouching rabbit; distinctive armour of chain mail and steel plate from the Indian kingdom of Sindh; and a striking 19th-century appliquéd tunic from Sudan. Photographs of all pieces are provided, allowing you to follow the original colouring – or you may decide to create your own dazzling colour schemes. The book also features a concise description of each item, highlighting its origin, materials and function. A delightful introduction to an extraordinary art form, this volume will inspire you to learn more about armour and what it can tell us about our ancestors and different traditions and cultures around the world.


A new colouring book showcasing the breathtaking armour in the collection of  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

With over 40 drawings to bring to life in colour, either by using the original colours of the pieces or by giving free rein to your own creativity

Features an introduction by the expert curator Pierre Terjanian

Published in association with the Vilcek Foundation, New York

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Author Profiles

Pierre Terjanian is the Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Curator in Charge of the Department of Arms and Armor at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. He was formerly a curator at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and he has written several books and articles on arms and armour in the collections of both institutions.

Paula Kinsel is an artist, graphic designer and art director whose projects include still and motion graphics for film, television and independent art productions. 

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