Abstract Expressionists: The Women cover
Abstract Expressionists: The Women

Ellen G. Landau and Joan M. Marter

The dominant movement of the New York and San Francisco art scenes of the mid-20th century, Abstract Expressionism is celebrated as being the first major development in American art to gain international status. The movement is synonymous with the...

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Grounded in Clay cover
Grounded in Clay
The Spirit of Pueblo Pottery

Pueblo Pottery Collective, Elysia Poon and Rick Kinsel

No art form is more associated with the Native Americans of the Southwest than pottery. For centuries, Pueblo people have made beautiful pottery, often painted with intricate designs, for everyday activities such as cooking, food storage and gathering water,...

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Japandi Style cover
Japandi Style
When Japanese and Scandinavian Designs Blend

Agata and Pierre Toromanoff

Japandi is the latest trend in interior design and home styling: a fusion of the functionality and comfort that characterize Scandinavian design and the minimalist aesthetic and pure elegance of traditional Japanese craftsmanship. This hybrid style harmoniously blends...

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London of the Future cover
London of the Future

The London Society

Foreword by Leanne Tritton

Introduction by Peter Murray

What will London be like in a hundred years’ time? A century ago, having asked this question, The London Society published London of the Future, a bold, visionary work that predicted city-centre airports and Channel tunnels, and addressed such prescient...

Published October 2023
200 pages
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