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UK £17.95
US $39.95
240 pages
250 illustrations, 220 in colour, 75 plans
28 x 24 cm (11.25 x 9.5 in)
ISBN: 978-1-8589-4405-0
The Modern Movement in Britain

Alan Powers
Photography by Morley von Sternberg

Modern is the most comprehensive study of Modern Movement architecture in Britain ever published. Shortlisted for the RIBA Bookshops International Book Award of 2005, this critically acclaimed publication is now available in paperback for the first time. Encyclopedic in scope and structure, it covers the work of such renowned architects as Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer, Maxwell Fry, Ernö Goldfinger, Berthold Lubetkin and others who changed the vocabulary of architecture in Britain between the wars. Specially commissioned photographs document all the major surviving buildings, from private houses and apartment blocks to schools and factories.


The definitive guide to Modern Movement architecture in Britain

Beautifully designed and sumptuously illustrated with more than 200 specially commissioned photographs

An essential reference for anyone interested in twentieth-century architecture and culture

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Author Profiles

Alan Powers, one of the UK’s leading architectural historians, with a particular interest in the Modern Movement, has published widely on all aspects of twentieth-century architecture and design. He teaches at the University of Greenwich, London.

Morley von Sternberg, a qualified architect, is one of the leading architectural photographers working in Britain today. He works regularly for magazines and newspapers, from Building Design to the Sunday Times, and receives frequent commissions from many of the country’s leading architectural practices.

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Alan Power’s new bible of the era

The Sunday Times

Innovative, hugely informative and bursting with life, this is a must-have book for any fan of the Modern Movement

Grand Designs Magazine

A beautiful book … packed with ideas, elegantly written and with broad appeal

Architect's Journal

Glamourous and enticing

RIBA Journal
Featured Architects

Norah Aiton and Elizabeth (Betty) Scott

Sir Ove Arup

Geoffrey Bazeley

Elisabeth Benjamin

Margaret Justin Blanco White

Marcel Breuer

Michael J.H. and Charlotte Bunney

Burnet, Tait & Lorne

N.F. Cachemaille-Day

H.T. Cadbury-Brown

George Checkley

Serge Chermayeff

Denis Clarke Hall

Wells Coates

George Coles

Connell, Ward & Lucas

Dora Cosens

William Crabtree

Mary Crowley

Joseph Emberton

Frederick Etchells

Rudolf Frankel

Edwin Maxwell Fry

Frederick Gibberd

Ernö Goldfinger

H.S. Goodhart-Rendel

Dora Gordine

Walter Gropius

Patrick Gwynne

P.J.B. Harland


Oliver Hill

Hoar, Marlow & Lovett

Charles Holden

Geoffrey Jellicoe

R.W.H. Jones

Vladimir Karfik

William Kininmonth

Denys Lasdun

Frank Latham

William Lescaze

Berthold Lubetkin

J. Leslie Martin and Sadie Speight

Raymond McGrath

Erich Mendelsohn

Peter Moro

Raymond Myerscough-Walker

Christopher Nicholson

William A. Pite

David Playdell-Bouverie

John Proctor

W.H. Robinson

Fritz A. Ruhemann

Rudolf Otto Salvisberg

Samuel & Harding

Marshall Sisson

Tayler & Green

Harry Weedon

Sir Owen Williams

F.R.S. Yorke

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