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UK £29.95
Hardback with jacket
192 pages
250 colour illustrations
25 x 25 cm (9.75 x 9.75 in)
ISBN: 978-1-8589-4443-2
Not available in North America
Natural Garden Style
Gardening Inspired by Nature

Noël Kingsbury
Photography by Nicola Browne

In a world dominated more and more by urban development, nature is increasingly seen as an inspiration for gardeners. Sustainability and biodiversity, currently high on the world’s agenda, are important aspects of natural-style gardening. In this beautiful new book, gardening expert Noël Kingsbury considers a variety of approaches to making gardens that celebrate nature. He discusses what is meant by ‘the natural look’, gives guidance on how to achieve it, and outlines the ideas and problems involved. Organized into thematic chapters, the authoritative text deals with all aspects of natural-style gardening, from prairies and meadows to water and sculpture. With stunning images by award-winning gardens photographer Nicola Browne, Natural Garden Style is essential for anyone wishing to take an ethical and sustainable approach to gardening and garden design.


A timely in-depth exploration of approaches to garden design that take their inspiration from nature
Includes a directory of natural-style gardens worldwide that are open to the public
Features a special section on creating and maintaining your own natural-style garden

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Author Profiles
Nicola Browne has been photographing gardens since 1997. Her work has won numerous awards and has been published worldwide.

Noël Kingsbury is a well-known writer on plants and gardens. He is also active as a garden designer, with a particular interest in sustainable planting for public spaces.

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The book is extensively illustrated with sumptuous photographs

House & Garden

Where this book really excels is in distilling a lifetime’s gardening experience into a series of simple principles

Gardens Illustrated

Highly informed … Kingsbury's garden writing is among the best you will find in the English language

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