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UK £29.95
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240 pages
200 colour illustrations
25 x 20 cm (9.75 x 7.75 in)
ISBN: 978-1-8589-4562-0
Made in Japan
100 New Products

Naomi Pollock

Foreword by Reiko Sudo

‘Made in Japan’ is a simple phrase, but one full of meaning. From kettles and cutlery to chairs, Japan creates some of the most innovative, elegant, whimsical and well-made objects in the world. Combining high aesthetic standards with cutting-edge technology, many of these designs turn everyday items into functional works of art that would look as good in a museum as on a kitchen counter. Made in Japan surveys 100 of the country’s recent design triumphs, among them furnishings, utensils, gadgets, clothing, office equipment and even a silent guitar. While the book features mainly mass-produced objects, it also includes one-off prototypes and limited-edition items that are immensely popular in Japan. Created specifically for the Japanese consumer, these products reflect the way people live, work and play in a country that prizes highly both exceptional craftsmanship and industrial perfection.


A selection of outstanding Japanese products of this century, from gadgets and furnishings to office supplies and decorative objects

Features a comprehensive introduction to the history and traditions of Japanese product design

With biographies of the leading designers working in Japan today, including Naoto Fukasawa, Tokujin Yoshioka and Toyo Ito

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Author Profiles

Naomi Pollock is an American architect based in Japan. Her writing on Japanese design and architecture has appeared in the Financial Times, New York Times, Wallpaper* and Architectural Record. She is the author of Modern Japanese House (2005) and Hitoshi Abe (2008).

Reiko Sudo is Artistic Director of the award-winning avantgarde textile company Nuno Corporation.


Outstanding articles … A book of ideas … fascinating to read and look at

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Special and well worth spending time reading. An object in itself

Pedro Silmon blog

Some books are smart; some books are fun. This one is both … it's a fascinating, compelling and impressive celebration of design ingenuity that not only revels in the objects chosen, but also transcends them

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