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Hardback with jacket
304 pages
220 colour illustrations
30.5 x 25 cm (12.25 x 9.75 in)
ISBN: 978-1-8589-4625-2
The Interiors of Chester Jones

Henry Russell

Foreword by Stephen Bayley

Regardless of style, age or size, a home should be a place of refuge, a private space in which we can feel truly comfortable, whether spending time on our own or entertaining friends. Above all, it should be a place of our own making, filled with the books, furniture and other cherished objects that say so much about who we are. Nowhere is this philosophy more apparent than in the work of Chester Jones, one of the UK’s most celebrated interior designers and decorators. Lavishly illustrated throughout, The Interiors of Chester Jones provides a unique and fascinating insight into both Jones himself – a former architect and managing director of Colefax and Fowler – and the thinking behind the many rich and nuanced interiors he has created since establishing his own firm in 1989. The book covers every aspect of his work, from his distinctive use of art and artefacts to his sympathetic treatment of a building’s architectural history, and includes a series of in-depth case studies on past projects. At the heart of this beautiful book is Jones’s own belief that to be happy in one’s own surroundings, to live contentedly in a space of our own design, is to feel genuinely at home.


A unique and compelling study of the work and philosophy of Chester Jones, one of the foremost interior designers of his generation

More than a dozen detailed case studies offer a rare insight into the planning and execution of some of Jones’s most successful creations

Features more than 200 colour illustrations, from initial sketches to photographs showing all aspects of the completed interiors

An essential purchase for anyone interested in interior design and the work of one of its greatest practitioners

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Author Profiles

Henry Russell is a historian who has contributed to numerous newspapers and periodicals, including The Times and Financial Times magazines. He is the author of more than 20 books on subjects ranging from Wren’s Royal Hospital Chelsea to interior design.


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Chester Jones is a design polymath ... This is a serious book, to be taken seriously. In fact I would go so far as to say that any committed student of interior design should make it a priority to read his words, for they actually constitute a complete, capsule course in the subtle and complex art of interior design

House & Garden

Including chapters on using lighting and displaying art, this gorgeous new book on the work of interior designer Chester Jones highlights his skills at creating sophisticated designs that are both practical, yet truly express the personalities of his clients

The Resident

Acknowledged in the industry as probably the best interior designer in Britain

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