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UK £50.00
US $80.00
Hardback with jacket
304 pages
250 colour illustrations
30.5 x 25 cm (12.25 x 9.75 in)
ISBN: 978-1-8589-4695-5
Interior: Louise Bradley

Written by Helen Chislett

Louise Bradley has been designing timeless, elegant interiors for 30 years. Her distinctive style – combining classic influences with a contemporary edge – has secured her position as one of the UK’s leading interior designers, and has won her international recognition. Today, Louise’s name is synonymous with relaxed luxury, and she has designed spectacular homes around the world. Richly illustrated throughout, Interior: Louise Bradley is the first in-depth exploration of Louise’s work, and provides a fascinating insight into her design process and the creative thinking behind a variety of her most accomplished projects. The featured homes include historic London town houses, a lofty apartment, sophisticated pieds-à-terre, a Victorian country house, opulent villas in Kuwait and an Alpine chalet, as well as Louise’s own homes – an oasis of calm in the city and a cosy country retreat. Regardless of the project type, Louise seeks always to be respectful of the architecture and to uphold and enhance the context and natural setting of a building. Her approach is to create tranquil, supremely comfortable and harmonious spaces that effortlessly combine custom-made furniture and accessories, unique finishes and state-of-the-art technology. While each project is individual, she generally prefers a muted colour palette, one that allows the beauty of a room to unfurl through the use of carefully layered materials, exquisite lighting and strategically placed signature pieces. Louise’s renowned eye for detail is explored in the book in four key ‘Elements’ sections that focus on Scale, Texture, Form & Function, and Reflection. Interior: Louise Bradley offers devotees of her ‘classic contemporary’ aesthetic an unrivalled opportunity to discover more about her inimitable design vision and her most captivating projects.


The first book devoted to the work of one of the UK’s leading interior designers

More than a dozen detailed case studies provide insight into the planning and execution of some of Louise’s favourite creations

With 250 colour photographs showing all aspects of the completed interiors

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Author Profiles

Louise Bradley is a London-based interior designer with an international reputation for her 'classic contemporary' take on luxury.

Helen Chislett is a widely published journalist and author who specializes in design and decoration at a luxury level, encompassing everything from furniture, interiors, art and antiques to architecture, craft and gardens. She has written twenty books to date, and prides herself on being able to translate a designer’s ethos in a way that is accessible, useful and inspirational. She also runs her own agency, London Connoisseur, which is devoted to championing art and artisanship.


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