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UK £10.99
US $14.99
64 pages
31 line drawings, 31 colour illustrations
28 x 22 cm (11.25 x 8.75 in)
ISBN: 978-1-8589-4699-3
The Coloring Book of Latinx Artists

Introduction by Rita Gonzalez

Line drawings by Paula Kinsel

The term ‘Latinx art’ is used to describe works created by artists of Latin American birth or descent who live in the United States. It encompasses a diverse range of artistic practices, from geometric abstraction to figurative and conceptual approaches. The impact of Latinx populations on everything from urban design and body ornamentation to political posters and stencil graffiti has been greatly underestimated. Bringing together more than 30 works by artists who span several generations, this new colouring book is a celebration of many things that are key to Latinx art. Patrick Martinez and Jaime Muñoz find inspiration in everyday culture such as supermarket cakes and custom cars, while Ana Serrano creates intricate, brightly painted cityscapes. Michael Menchaca fuses a video-game aesthetic with Mesoamerican imagery, and the abstract paintings of Eamon Ore-Giron and Carlos Rosales-Silva also incorporate design motifs and symbols from the ancient Americas. The artwork of indigenous cultures across history is explored by Gala Porras-Kim and Sandy Rodriguez. In her energetic compositions, Carolyn Castaño blends pattern, tropical botanical illustration and feminist histories. The equally expressive work of Patssi Valdez features highly stylized depictions of figures and devotional objects. The dreamlike murals of Ms. Yellow (Nuria Ortiz) address such contemporary themes as community, sisterhood and social justice. While identity is central to the art of both Marcel Alcalá and Felipe Baeza, the former’s vibrant figurative paintings contrast with the latter’s more abstract renderings of the human body. 


The first colouring book to showcase the diversity of contemporary Latinx art

Features the work of 13 leading artists, including Felipe Baeza, Carolyn Castaño, Patrick Martinez, Ana Serrano and Patssi Valdez

Over 30 drawings to bring to life in colour, either by using the vivid palettes of the original artworks or by giving free rein to your own creativity

Published in association with the Vilcek Foundation, New York

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Author Profiles

Rita Gonzalez is the Terri and Michael Smooke Curator and Department Head of Contemporary Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. 

Paula Kinsel is an artist, graphic designer and art director whose projects include still and motion graphics for film, television and independent art productions. 

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