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UK £40.00
US $65.00
256 pages
575 colour illustrations
29 x 22.5 cm (11.5 x 8.75 in)
ISBN: 978-1-8589-4713-6
Published in the UK March 2024
Published in the US April 2024
Made in Ibiza
A Journey into the Creative Heart of the White Island

Introduction by Liam Aldous

Photography by Ana Lui and Salva López

It may be a top tourist destination, but – as this captivating new book shows – there is far more to Ibiza than nightclubs and beaches. The island has been at the centre of Mediterranean life since the arrival of the Phoenicians almost 3000 years ago. Over the centuries, other great civilizations left their mark on this strategic trading post, and in the 20th century hippies and bohemians famously found in Ibiza a refuge from conformity. To the present day, the island attracts artists and craftspeople from around the world. Together with native Ibizans who embrace the traditions of their forebears, these foreign-born inhabitants form a vibrant creative community that plays a vital role in maintaining the unique character of the ‘White Island’. Showcasing the wealth of creative talent in Ibiza today, this book shines a bright Balearic light on some of the island’s most inspirational artists and makers, on their products and services, and their studios and homes. More than 35 enterprises are featured, all specially photographed. They range from prestigious architectural practices to solo ceramicists in secluded workshops, and from makers of contemporary jewellery to distillers of traditional liqueurs. The book concludes with a series of insightful essays on the island’s cultural history. Perfect for anyone enthralled by the beauty of the Balearics, Made in Ibiza is both a visual treat and a fitting tribute to a dynamic creative scene that contributes so much to the vitality of the island.


A wide-ranging survey of contemporary arts, crafts and architecture in Ibiza 

With over 35 entries, arranged into chapters as varied as ‘Art & Culture’, ‘Food & Drink’ and ‘Houses & Gardens’ 

Includes a series of essays on ‘Ibiza’s Creative Roots’, exploring the island’s cultural history and reputation for creativity in a wider context

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Author Profiles

Liam Aldous is a writer, journalist, curator and creative director based in Ibiza. He has been the Spain correspondent for Monocle magazine since 2011. 

Ana Lui is a travel and lifestyle photographer based in Ibiza and Mallorca. Her clients include Condé Nast Traveller magazine.

Salva López is a Barcelona-based photographer who specializes in architecture, interior design and lifestyle. His work has appeared in such publications as Monocle, Kinfolk, Wall Street Journal and Travel + Leisure.

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